How Can I Get 1,000 Subscribers Email List Fast?

I just created a squeeze page and a backend with a PLR product. Now I want to build a list of 1,000 subscribers as soon as possible. How can I do it? FAST?

I’ve heard that you’re a great email marketer from a ton of sources. Also found your SoloAdsX to be one of the single greatest resources online for email marketer. Please help me achieve my goal.

Asked on February 21, 2016 in Email Marketing.
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    It involves just 4 simple steps.

    1. Getting a domain and hosting. Click here to get a free domain with a hosting back link: Get the Hosting

    2. Setting up a landing page.

    3. Setting up a funnel.

    4. Driving traffic.

    1. Getting a domain name and hosting.

    Now, hosting is something that you need to have if you try to build any page online. This is where all your files are stored.

    A domain name is an address that is typed in the address bar so that people can reach those files that are stored on your hosting. I have included a link just below, that gives you a free domain when you buy the hosting and so you don’t have to spend anything extra. But the domain is free only for a year and you will have to renew it:

    Get a free domain with hosting, click here!

    It doesn’t cost you anything extra…. in fact, you’ll get a discount if you get it from the link above.

    2. Setting up a Landing Page

    You can use Optimizepress or Funnel kit. Both are equally good when it comes to creating optin pages. Funnel kit is only in building optin pages, it could maybe do more stuff, but the main USP of FunnelKit is super easy optin page creation.

    If you want to build an optin page, a sales page and a membership area for your website, I suggest that you buy Optimizepress. This is better for an overall marketing theme and goes way beyond FunnelKit when it comes to building marketing pages.

    I use both of these plug-ins and I love them both. Therefore, they are my highest recommendation. I’ve been using Optimizepress since its launch, which is a long long time back. If you don’t know how to create an optin page, watch the video that I’ve included below.


    3. Setting up a funnel

    After people give you their email addresses, you have to send them to page with a one time offer. After writing the copy ask yourself “would you want to buy the product, if not;  you have to create something better”.

    4. Driving traffic

    I suggest you to use Facebook ads or These are the top ways to drive quick traffic to your optin pages. Since you want to build a list of thousand subscriber’s super fast, you can look for solo ad vendors on the directory and choose the best from them.

    You would need around 2000-2500 clicks to get to 1000 subscribers with a decent optin page setup.


    (a) Look for the reviews, whenever you are buying solo ads.
    (b) Contact the sellers before you buy,
    (c) And read the article here: 8 Solo Ad Buyer Rules To Live By.

    With solo ads and Facebook ads, you should get 1000 subscribers, within a few days. If you are looking to build a list for free, you have to create a ton of good quality content and distribute it wherever your target market is hanging out.

    But you do have to understand that  there is nothing like free. Either you are spending time, or you are spending money in acquiring these leads. Once you get the leads, build a solid relationship by giving them a solid content.

    For building quality 1000 subscribers on to your email list, You are looking right at around 2000 to 2500 clicks depending on how good your conversion rates are on optin page. The fastest way to build in a good converting optin page is to model the expert in your industry.


    Building a list of “1000 subscribers fast” involves 4 steps.

    1. Setting up the domain and the hosting. Get a free domain with hosting, click here!

    2. Setting up the landing page using Funnel kit and Optimizepress 

    3. Setting up of the funnel with a one time offer, so that you can monetize the list and you can reinvest the profit for driving traffic. To get the best-converting optin pages, find the leaders in your list and model those pages.

    4. Start Driving Traffic and maintain a record of your numbers (sales, optin percentage, cost per subscriber, average cost per click etc.)

     And Finally – SCALE WHAT WORKS! 

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      Prashant could not have said this better.  Solo Ad->Squeeze page->Autoresponder->$$$

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