How can I get more visitors to my blog?

Hello Prashant Sharma, I have heard your name many times in Digital Industry. Finally, I am getting a chance to interact you through this amazing website. Thanks for creating such thing as it will help many people to find the solution at a single place.

I have one question regarding my blog traffic. I am struck in getting traffic through search engines. I am getting only through social media. Right now,  my average page view is around 400-500 daily. Can you suggest  something through which I would be able to receive traffic at large amount.  Share some valuable tips.

Asked on June 30, 2016 in Web Traffic.
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    Hey Grey,

    Great question. I remember the time I was there and it sucked…. I can’t tell you how many times I though – “THIS ISN’T WORKING, LET’S CHOOSE SOMETHING BETTER.”

    Blogging is one of those things that I did for 4 years on and off and kept failing at it. Like literally, I’m ashamed to admit that I failed at it for 4 straight years because I wasn’t getting shit done.

    All I was really doing was making excuses, making it sound bigger in my head than it really was. But then last year I stuck with it, I made it a point to NOT QUIT!

    I don’t quit in anything but for some reason, when it came to blogging, I just quit so many times….. The reason: DELAYED GRATIFICATION.

    Everybody wants the Money, following and fanbase – RIGHT NOW!

    But it doesn’t work like that with blogging. It’s a long term game and not a short term play, so unless you’re committed to playing it long term, don’t even bother blogging. And if you’re ready, read the section below:

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      First, let’s look at the most important task in content marketing that you have to do regularly. You have to nail it on the head for every one of these tasks to aspire for 1,000 pageviews daily.

      Content Marketing Needed for 1,000 Pageviews

      1. Blogging Often: At least two or three times weekly. Use these tips and tricks to write great blogs faster. Blogging often brings your audience a level of consistency.

      This consistency is what builds a trust in your website. Trust is the new currency of the internet.

      2. Guest Blogging Monthly: An outstanding post that covers a topic in-depth will help get you featured on other high traffic resources. Find blogs in your niche and contact them.

      Submit a post and talk them. Show them you know their audience as you cater to the same audience on your site.

      3. Building a Social Following: Make use of tools and data to find influencers that focus on your niche so you can engage with them and gain followers. Finding the right person often leads to a strong partnership.

      You can help this effort by staying consistent and focusing on one or two people and building a real relationship with them.

      4. Utilizing Copywriting Techniques: Find ways to write better content with wording, phrases, and tested swipe files. Other writers have blazed a path already.

      Learn to utilize their recipes for success. Gaining interest and attention from your audience is 90% of earning that first click to your website.

      5. Have Great Sales Funnels with Captivating Lead Captures: Lead magnets that evoke emotion are the beginning of your conversion optimized funnel.

      Your audience must trust you enough to enter their email address. Then you must provide credible offers that lead them to a purchase point.

      6.Master the Use of Images: Utilizing graphs, charts, infographics, and witty quotes to engage your audience is a must. Visual content is expected and is often as easy as taking content you built and formed it into illustrative points. Take the bullet points and make a Slideshare or infographic.

      7. Long Articles that Cover Subjects in Depth: Sometimes 4,000 words with pictures and a complete walk through on a subject is what is needed.

      Don’t just make long content for the purpose of having long content. Make sure your content covers a subject in-depth and helps the audience find their way to the answer.

      8. Use a Headline Analyzer (like CoScheduler’s) with High Scores: Tools and Swipe Files to use every ounce of power in those 72-80 characters.

      Titles and headlines are one of the biggest factors to gaining a first-time reader. Once they are at your site you can then begin building trust. First, you have to get them to your post.

      9. Quality and Quantity of Post Build-Up: Quantity of content gets you nowhere without quality content. One quality post or page is not going to push you to a consistent 1,000 page views. You will need in-depth content and plenty of it. If you are just starting, then you may want to focus on each post getting a certain number of views daily.

      What’s Holding You Back From Reaching 1,000 Pageviews?

      First, Look at the Possibility of Hitting Your Goal

      Looking at the stats on World O Meters, over 2 million blogs have been written today alone. On WordPress, more than 540 million pages are viewed daily – and that is just on their sites. Not everyone’s blog will reach the 1,000 pageviews per day mark.

      Critical Website Optimization Oversights

      1. Focus on Your Audience and Understand Their Pain Points

      Focus on gaining a personal relationship by understanding their feelings, wants, and needs. You can speak directly to your audience’s pain once you resonate with their emotions. Your audience is human.

      2. When Selling a Product, Consider if it is a Luxury or a Pain Killer

      Painkillers are sought after. You will need to uncover a way to make it a pain killer in their mind if it is a luxury.

      How can you craft your information to make it a pain killer?

      Meet your customers’ needs and go beyond. Set and meet expectations by allowing them to ask questions. Learn to survey with questions. Find out how engaged your audience is at each stage of the sales process. Find ways to engage your customer beyond the point of sale.

      3. Are You Approaching the Mood or Nuance Wrong With Your Audience?

      Find the right voice and your blog will explode as long as you have the traffic. Gain traffic from outreach and distribution. Gain engagement from personality and mood enhancements. Try metaphors. Look at other blogs and social media in your space and mimic what you see working. Finding the right voice and personality may be holding you back so look for writers and coaches who can help.

      4. Don’t Promote Your Writing – Promotional Material is a Major Turn Off

      Promoters get paid to get someone to an event. They are not the feature of the event. Your post is the event. Educate and support your audience. Education can start at any point in the customer lifecycle. Remember from the first nine content marketing basics above that you need a persona you can visualize.

      5. Find a Great Forum. Get Active.

      Great forums are still around. This is a safe place for people to find you mentioning your post. Loyal customers can see your response to a question and they gain trust. Traffic results when you reference your post where you just covered the answer to the question given. You can use board reader to find the perfect few forums to take part in.

      6. Social Media Focus is a Must

      You have to connect with your users on a personal level. Take the pain points you discovered and begin to implement them in your social media campaign. Select the right social media for your brand, audience, and promotions. Learn to own this social media surrounding the pain points that customers experience.

      7. Does Your Website Offer Clear Solutions to Pain Points?

      Look at the language you took notice of in the forums and put it to use. Using similar language helps gain trust as much as helps in conversions. State question in plain view like in a menu, and put the top three questions you answer in the side menu.

      This will provide your audience with and easy path to the answers they need. This is also why SEO silos are so important.

      8. Show off Any Wins, but Remain Tactful

      You can brag but make it more about being humble than being a hero. Your humility will shine. Your ability to show off that you are trusted is great. Boasting about it can become a turn-off. Make sure you have social sharing widgets at the top of pages or in a floating bar. This proves you exist and shows others that have shared the article before.

      9. Do Real Keyword Research

      Don’t just assume you know the words your audience will use. Dig into every question and answer site and do your own keyword research. Find the questions asked and center around them as the keywords. Guest post will generate great backlinks if you focus on answering questions that are asked by the audience of that site.

      Having 1,000 Pageviews is Tough Work, but Worth it

      Getting to 1,000 pageviews a day is on nearly every website owner’s mind. It is a superficial mark that we all want so badly. It also gives us a boost in confidence to see the numbers, but it also means you have a thriving website. Just remember, your audience trusts you, so do not betray them when you monetize.

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