How Does Google User Experience/Engagement affect SEO?

Does user engagement and experience really affect SEO? How does it affect my site’s google user experience?

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Asked on March 11, 2016 in Search engine optimization.
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    User experience and they way their engagement and interaction with your website are going to be the future of SEO.

    Google’s goal is to deliver results that satisfy the searchers query.

    If your website solves the users query and offers more related posts in the same category in a way that people stay on your website longer and read more of your content. It gives a positive signal to Google.

    These 3 Factors Affect User Experience/ Engagement and Your SEO!

    1. Bounce Rate.

    2.Search Engine CTR. (HUGE!)


    Bounce Rate:

    If a user comes to your website looking for dentists in new york and does not find what he needs, he’ll go away and that means that the user bounced off from your website.

    That results in a high bounce rate and what it tells Google is that your website is either not delivering on the search query or did not load well or any of the countless things that can go wrong.

    ….one thing you can be sure of is that Google will remove you from the rankings if this happens for continuously because it goes completely against what Google’s goal is.

    You didn’t deliver and therefore, you will get no rankings! Simple.

    The Flip-Side!

    On the other hand, a lower bounce rate means that people are liking your website and combining the bounce rate with the average time on the website Google will rank your websites above other websites competing for the same term.

    There is no hard or fast equation that I have told you that X should be the bounce rate and X should be the average time spent on the website. But a bounce rate of under 50% is a good bounce rate.

    Aim for 40% but 50% is something you can live with!

    Search Engine Click Through Rate (CTR)

    This, I think, is what the search engines will use to decide the position of the top 5 rankings in the future.

    Here are the average CTRs results 1-10 get on Google:

    Position #1 – Around 30% CTR

    Position #2 – Around 13% CTR

    Position #3 – Around 9% CTR

    Position #4 – Around 7% CTR

    Position #5 – Around 5% CTR”

    If you’re rankings #1 and getting a 15% CTR while the result below you (at #2) is getting a 45%+ CTR, you’re not going to be #1 for long!

    Sadly….that is what it is… you’re rankings will go, POOF!

    How do you tackle this?

    Well, if you made it to the top 5, you must have had your on-page optimization of your website nailed.

    Now since you know about on-page SEO, you probably also know about Post Title & Description!

    This is what is visible on the front page of Google.

    bounce rate

    Better headlines get more clicks. So there is a quick fix for getting a higher CTR:


    Not a Copywriter? Need help to write a good headline?

    Check out this page: 100 top headlines!

    Feel free to swipe the best line that matches your needs. A word of warning, though, don’t go misleading people – if your headline is misleading. It will result in a much higher bounce rate which defeats the purpose of changing the headline in the first place.

    Advertisements on Your Website:

    I’ll keep this simple and short. If you go overboard with your ads (adding too many ads) you’ll end up making no money!

    Moderation is the key.

    You want your website to look like a legit source of information, not a fucking infomercial or a spammy website that cannot be trusted.

    Remember, you’ll only make sales if you people trust you and/or your website. If your website comes across as a spammy website not only will Google not rank you well on the search engines, you’ll also lose user engagement.

    It’s a Tripod.

    Ads, CTR and Bounce Rate are like a tripod. Screw up 1 thing and you fall.

    It’s super simple to handle, though, so don’t mess it up! Don’t get too greedy with the ads, the other too are easy…. Money makes people do crazy things:D


    1.Bounce rate and the average time on website influence how your websites are ranked on Google and it is only going to get more attention in the future.

    2.The CTR your website gets will decide your ranking position when you’re at the top of the search engines. You can’t really expect to get any clicks if you’re on page 2 of Google!

    3.Don’t go crazy with the ads, keep it simple and clean.

    4.Write better headlines.


    6.You can have a website will a ton of duplicate content, but If people are liking it and spending time on your website, Google will rank you! So focus on User Experience.

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