How Long Should my Blog Content Be For SEO Rankings?

What would be the appropriate length of the blog post so that I can rank my blog?

Asked on March 11, 2016 in Search engine optimization.
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    This is one question that I get a lot of times and I stick with my answer even though it is contrary to the data that is available on the web.

    1. I think the quality of the content and relevancy of the content will be the major ranking factors in the years to come.

    2.The search engines want to deliver the best results to their users and if your content is relevant and good quality, you’ll always rank.

    3.Long-form Content doesn’t really mean quality content. I’ve read blog posts on famous blogs and they just keep beating around the bush and achieve nothing. I’d much rather write a short crisp post that my readers would find value in.

    4.Recent studies show that the average word count of pages ranking on the first page of Google is 2000 words or more. Here’s a blog post Neil Patel wrote about it:

    5.You can’t just rank for medium to high competition keywords by writing short articles but I don’t really think that all keywords require a long form page.

    6.If you’re looking for SEO Rankings in the long term and you’re ONLY major strategy is to get traffic from the search engines – produce epic content which is at least 2000 words. This is hard data & numbers don’t lie.

    7.Include long tail keywords in your content pieces and you should have a pretty long and chunky article ready to suck in Google Rankings.


    1. If you’re the only strategy of marketing is SEO and you’re in it for the long haul – get content that is at least 2000 words long.

    2. If you have other forms of marketing in place and you know that producing short crisp content is going to be a better match for your audience and relevant to their taste – use as short as the article you need to cover the topic.

    3. I Write for people and not for the search engines because none of the Google spiders has ever spent a dime with me (stupid fuckers….).

    4. Also, the blog word count or article word count depends on how your target market wants to consume your content. 4 Months into I surveyed my email list and they said that they liked the articles in a list form and here we are……

    5. Build a connection with the PEOPLE, not the GOOGLE BOTS!

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