How to calculate competition level if page authority is low but domain authority is high

Hi, I saw a lot of authority website when I am doing keyword research. The page rank is low however domain authority is very high. For e.g youtube video amazon best seller page ebay best seller page I wonder how do I interpret the competition level if this is the case? Is it still depend on backlink etc? And any formula I can use to estimate its virtual PA based on DA?

Asked on June 1, 2016 in Search engine optimization.
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      Write better content

      It’s impossible to rank high in Google, without quality and lengthy content. Most search engines give a lot of credit to websites that have detailed and useful guides.

      A few years ago, there was a common misconception that 500 words long articles were enough to rank high in Google. Recent studies have showed that most of the websites that rank on the first page have articles that are longer than 2000 words.

      The longer the content, the more keywords it will include and the higher the chances to rank high in Google.

      Build quality backlinks

      Having good content is not enough. You have to have quality and relevant websites linking to you in order to improve your domain authority and gain better rankings. Websites with good content and quality backlinks will dominate the SERPs.

      There are numerous techniques and ways to find link building opportunities, but one of the smartest ways involves spying your competition.

      Yes, just like a detective, you can spy your competitors and find untapped resources for your website. Imagine for a moment if you could replicate the most important backlinks of all your competitors.

      Monitor Backlinks is the right SEO tool to help you spy your competition and determine the value of their backlinks.

      Write for your competition

      In every niche, you’ll find that competitors are accepting guest contributors. Take advantage of this, and become a writer on their website.

      However, don’t do it just for the sake of getting a link to your website, but more for interacting with their audience.

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