How to promote an online ecommerce store selling women dresses?

I own a women dressing store and I want to promote it online. We have amazing collections but still can’t really get any traction online. I am getting sick and tired of trying this. I applied for online payment platforms, I’ve been getting a few calls from all over the country but I am unable to get nearly as much as I would want for my dresses.

Most of my customers are women in their 20s and fashion concious girls. I’ve heard great stuff about you, can you help me?

Asked on February 23, 2016 in E-Commerce.
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    Hello, Awesome question :) I’ll try my best to answer. To be honest I have no experience promoting women dressing store but I am pretty sure I can help by pointing you in the right direction.

    Also, marketing principles remain the same so I am pretty sure you’ll find this helpful, if not, let me know.

    So for a clothing store I recommend the following 4 strategies:

    1. Use Existing High Traffic Platforms: There are a lot of e-commerce platforms that allow vendors to sell their products online through their platforms. These companies drive massive traffic using a lot of different sources of paid traffic and also taking leverage from social media so the wisest move when starting out is trying to get into these networks.

    Why? The traffic is already there, the buyers are already there and the people who come to the website come there to do only 1 thing – SHOP! It just doesn’t get any targeted than that. The biggers players are & but there are a lot of country specific players to. Like we have Flipkart for books and electronics, Jabong and Myntra for clothing and so on. Search for some of the local platforms and try to get in.

    I know one company that does almost 2500 units per day using only (clothing). So there is a lot of potentials to make money here!

    2. Setup a Facebook Page: The first thing that I recommend is setting up your own facebook page and driving paid ads traffic to the page to get traction. But before sending paid traffic to add some of the best clothes you have to the page, make it look good with your logos, a good header template and include your contact information above the dresses whenever you make the post. A good example can be found here:

    Money Grind


    Almost 5 Million people like this page, guess how much business they are bringing in…. Just go to their page and model their approach 😉 They’ve done the hard work trying to figure out what works the best – MODELING A SUCCESSFUL FUNNEL IS THE SHORTEST WAY TO SUCCESS in online business.

    3. Use Pinterest Extensively: I haven’t used Pinterest personally so I am not an expert on this but you can take a look at these 2 articles that we’ve shortlisted after doing through some 10-15 articles:

    – The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide

    – How to Create Pinterest Content That Connects

    – How to Use Pinterest to Boost Blog Traffic Dramatically

    4. Leverage Fashion Groups: When you’re starting out you’ll not get a lot of followers so another hack to quickly get sales is posting in fashion groups. Find fashion groups that are active in your region or if you can shift worldwide, choose 5-10 groups where you regularly post your dresses. You’ll have to be a little sneaky at times but one of my friends does it quite successfully.

    Dilli Darzi

    Whenever she produces a dress, she gets a model and does a short video of the dress, then posts the video on various fashion groups. The model just spins around showing the dress THAT IS IT!

    Something as simple as that manages to get her more sales than she can handle :) Trust me, it works.

    Let me know what you think of the answer. Focus on just 1-2 things at max when you’re starting out and REALLY work on them.


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