List Building Question: Quantity Vs Quality?

I am a freebie seeker right now and have just started building my list. The people that I get on my list are going to be like me because I am not using any paid form of advertising and am not getting these subscribers from launching products. I fear that I will be paying for Aweber monthly and still not get any money back.

So my question is, when it comes to list building, what is better: QUANTITY or QUALITY?

Asked on February 23, 2016 in Email Marketing.
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     The answer is pretty simple i.e. Quality. 

    If you have quality subscribers it is easier for your emails to end up in their inboxes and you get much higher response rate and higher quality interaction.

    Quality subscribers also mean that your Autoresponders are going to remain safe and the delivery will be top notch. Nobody is going to ban you if you are sending quality emails.

    I want you to read this article that I’ve mentioneId below called one thousand true fans. It is the best article that I’ve come across. It has influenced the way MoneyGrind has progressed over the months the way I‘ve been working on this. Click the link below to read the article.

    Recommended Read: 1000 True Fans!

    There are 2 ways you can build quality subscribers.

    1. You get buyer leads by selling a low ticket (price) products: To do this (1) create a low ticket product, (2) get a sales funnel going, (3) send traffic to it and (4) try to get as many conversions as possible.

    Just get buyers of a low ticket product. They are literally the best leads you can get…. TRUE STORY!

    2. The second best way when it comes to building a quality list of subscribers is Blogging (in my experience)  because blogging is pre-selling the subscribers on your skill set.  And the only people that subscribe to your email list are people who actually want to listen to you, and you will have a better relationship with your subscribers.

    Blogging also results in quality subscribers.

    There are a ton of different ways you can build a list of quality subscribers but my goal is to make your digital life simpler, so stick with these 2. It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it!

    So the best 2 ways that I know, of getting quality subscribers are:

    1. Getting buyers by selling low ticket items in huge volumes.
    2. By creating amazing pieces of content and using your content distribution strategy to get people to subscribe to your blogs or your content pieces.
      You ONLY want subscribers who give you permission to email them, they are going to be QUALITY!


     If you want the great business, focus on just quality subscribers.

    But, I also have a freebie list of subscribers because they help me create and promote my content. But I do not get a lot of sales from this list, so focus on the buyers and quality subscribers if you have to choose 1.

    I have built up the quantity of my subscribers because I need to drive the traffic to; that is the only reason I maintain a list of people looking for free information and of course because I want to help as many people as I can while I can.

    But Quantity is not equal to $$$$.
    Quality = Where the Real Money is.

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    Thank you for your question and please leave a comment below, if you need any further clarifications.

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