SMTP Servers For Email Marketing. Which Is The Best SMTP In The World!

I want to know the best SMTP servers to send emails to my list that I built using PPC and PPV Ads. Aweber and Getresponse both rejected the import request so now I need to setup my own server to email them because I know the leads are good.

I got interspire too. Just want to know what SMTP to use to send out the emails.

Asked on February 12, 2016 in Email Marketing.
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    Hey, Aweber and Getresponse can be a pain in the butt when it comes to approving imports. Although, on paper they do allow imports but they are really strict with their import policy which makes complete business sense for them….

    ….but unfortunately for us, it means that we have to find alternatives (not easy). I’ve used Aweber for a long time and I personally love them more than GR but yea, I do understand that you want to try your own SMTP setup. If your list is clean and built using correct processes (not acquired/bought, stolen or scraped) you should do pretty well with any of the following 5 recommendations that I have.

    The Best SMTP Services in The World Are:

    smtp-image1) Mandrill

    2) Amazon SES

    3 )


    5) MailJet

    Mandrill is by mail chimp, it has the best delivery when it comes to self-foster server and they deliver in time and they inbox really well.

    The second one would be the Amazon SES. If you are in the home business and you are sending out too many marketing emails, you could get your account spam and Amazon SES is very strict when it comes to the complaint rate or the spam rate and the hot bounces which you get on your list.

    The third one is have a transactional package, that is 9$ a 99cents for 40 thousand emails or 10 thousand emails.

    The fourth one is you are looking for an easy approval, just go to and register.

    Then the last one is the  It is pretty expensive.


    1. Choose Mandrill :)

    2. That is it!

    3. No really, stop reading.

    4. C’mon man, don’t you have anything better to do?

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    6. Do I sound drunk? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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