Starting My Own Solo Ad Business?

 I’ve been internet marketing for some time now… and have used all forms of advertising especially solo ads.. My question is what are the best steps and practices to run our own solo ad business particularly for MMO (Biz Opps)?

If you could list some the best tools (click trackers, Wp Themes, Plugins, Bulk Emailers or Self hosted email solutions) and resources, best traffic recommendations that would be great.. Also it be handy to know what type of wordpress theme’s or plugins that can help with clients placing orders and booking calendar system.

Asked on February 23, 2016 in Email Marketing.
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    Awesome. This question is right up my alley, I am a self-proclaimed email marketing ninja :) With that being said, I think solo ads business in the home business/internet marketing space is getting harder and harder because the big companies like Aweber/GetResponse are banning accounts like crazy and it is only going to get worse BEFORE it gets better.

    The truth is, what most solo ad vendors are doing nowadays is spamming their lists and that doesn’t go down too well with subscribers and also the email service providers like, etc. So you have to be careful when you’re working with 3rd party autoresponders because they can shut your solo ad business down within seconds if they choose to.

    Now, Let Me Go Over Each Part Of Your Question:

    1. The best Click tracker to use and that has become the staple of the solo ads industry is: ClickMagick – Click Here To View the Demo Video.

    2. For the sales page I use OptimizePress but that is only because I had a license that I paid $97 for. If I were making a sales page today I’d use something like FunnelKitGo


    3. For hosting I use and highly recommend BlueHost (Click Here). Their hosting and support team is one of the best in the world. If you get the hosting using the link below (my affiliate link) you’ll get a free domain with the yearly package –  DOES NOT COST YOU ANYTHING EXTRA ….infact, you might just get a discount using my link:

    Hosting Packages + Free Domain

    4. For emailing I use my own self-hosted server but if you are new, you can use something like Aweber or Getresponse.

     I recommend Aweber over GetResponse though! (Click Here to Get a Free Trial) 

    5. ClickMagick has a Solo Seller System that can take care of most of the grunt work for you, so one of the most important tools for your solo ads business is ClickMagick! View the ‘Solo Seller System Video’

    6. For Payment processing, everyone in the solo ads community uses and I recommend you do the same. Why? The market is used to this payment platform and if you want to use another platform, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle.

    Update: is also gaining popularity in our marketplace and because it is as simple to use as PayPal, you can use Stripe if you want to.

    Pro Solo Vendor Tips

    I own the #1 Solo Ads Directory on the planet so I am qualified to enough to tell you that there are only a handful of solo ad vendors that supply quality traffic. If you’re going to be selling junk traffic, you’re never going to survive for long.

    ….because this is a small community and people talk! 

    Join The Members Area of Solo Ads X To Get an Inside Scoop of The Market.

    1. Focus on Quality of Traffic.

    2. Tier 1 Traffic (US,UK,Australia,Canada,Ireland) Sells. Your traffic must be at least 75% Tier 1.

    3. Communicate with the buyers.

    4. Help them with their optin pages. Sometimes the people who come to you for solo ads will need some hand holding when it comes to setting up their optin pages, HELP THEM.

    5. Sell using Skype, Facebook,, Udimi, Clickonomy etc. Sell everywhere and you’ll get sales. Once you have some testimonials under your belt, people will find you.(Use social media for  showing testimonials)

    6. Get Feedback from each and every customer. If the solos did well, include them on your sales page as Customers Testimonials, otherwise work on improving the quality of your services.

    7. Be Quick, Deliver Fast, Keep Promises – If you say you’re sending out an email for them tomorrow, DO IT!

    Important Resources:

    1. Members Area of Solo Ads X – Click Here To Get View.



    4. Find FaceBook groups using keywords like ‘solo ads, solo ad testimonials etc.’ and join these groups.

    5. ClickMagick for Link Tracking.

    6. Bluehost for Hosting.

    7. FunnelKitGo for Landing Page Creation.

    8. PayPal/Stripe for payment processing.

    9. Aweber for Emailing – Get Free Trial.

    10. Also, check out: for Guaranteed Subscribers.

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