What is the Best Paid Laser Targeted Traffic to a Squeeze Page.

I want to drive traffic to my optin page that I’ve created after modeling one of the best pages with the highest conversions. Please let me know where I can drive good quality traffic from to this page. This is how the page looks:

Please help me and tell me how I can get traffic to this page.

Asked on February 11, 2016 in Web Traffic.
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    Hello Aseem, thanks for the question. Good that you attached an image of the optin page, this helped me better understand your marketing :)

    For this optin page I would use SOLO ADSSolo ads are easy to find in the home biz/make money online niche and the best vendors in the world can easily be found by visiting my solo ads directory : SoloAdsX.com

    We have a members area where you will find all the best vendors and you can sort them according to factors such as conversion rates, sales, cost per subscriber etc.

    Google will be a pain to run ads on, so if you thought about running ads on it for a make money online niche product, I would recommend you stay away because it’s either not going to let you advertise at all…. or if they do, they’ll probably charge you a bomb. Also, Google has banned my accounts multiple times because I was promoting MMO…lol.

    With that said, I do have a few recommendations for you optin page.

    Recommendations For Improving The Optin Page:

    1. Too Much Text: You have too much text on the optin page. Like the last line “This revolutionary…..” is unnecessary and can be removed. I think it would convert much better if you had just 1 good headline + call to action on the page.

    2. Only Email Optin Pages convert much better than pages that have name and email. But again, this completely depends on your marketing strategy and what you want to do with the leads. For building an optin list I collect only emails, for building a relationship and if I have a long term plan and a source of super quality leads, I collect name and email.

    Source: Ometria.com/blog/single-or-double-opt-in-email-marketing

    Source: Ometria.com/blog/single-or-double-opt-in-email-marketing

    So decide your strategy and proceed accordingly.

    Best Source of Traffic For This Kind of Page:

    1. Solo Ads.

    2. Find the best solo vendors here: http://www.Members.SoloAdsX.com

    3. Recommended Vendor: Paul DeSousa , Igor Kheifets, Jayson Benoit & Igor Finkel.

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      This is a kicka$$ landing page?  Did you design this or get it done by someone else?  How did it convert?



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        You can create it using anything like an OptimizePress or FunnelKitGo.

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