What’s the cheapest traffic source for MMO/Internet marketing that is responsive/high quality?

 What’s the best/cheapest traffic source that is still of good enough quality to be responsive and convert. A traffic source I can start small, profit from, and scale up?

Asked on February 23, 2016 in Web Traffic.
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    Thanks for the question. Well there are a couple of different sources you can start driving traffic from. Since your question suggests that you do not have a huge budget I would rule out a media buying budget that requires a minimum deposit (most PPV networks). Here’s a list of the top 3 traffic sources I would focus on if I were in your position:

    1. Solo Ads: This has been my favorite source of traffic for a very long time because its (a) Simple (b) Fast & (c) Effective. The trick with solo ads is having a good one-time-offer after the visitors sign up to your list. This helps you make some of the money back right at the point of webform submission.

    To get an up to date list of the best solo ad vendors check out my Solo Ads Directory (SoloAdsX)

    2. Facebook Ads: You can get started with FB Ads for a very low upfront investment and you can get decent clicks for a measly budget of $5 per day. But here’s the thing, facebook ads can be a little tricky. So I’d suggest you get some training on fb ads before you setup your first ad.

    Source: Forbes.com

    Source: Forbes.com

    3. Organic Search Engine Traffic: This one is a big one if you want to get into a long-term business. Orgranic search engine traffic is going to be one of the biggest traffic sources for MoneyGrind.com too. We are continously adding a ton of content to the website because we know that good content and building a community is essential when it comes to getting traffic. So, if you’re in the internet marketing business for a long term – focus on building a content property and then adding valuable content to it consistently to gain search engine traffic.

    MoneyGrind Tip: The key to a successful organic search engine campaign is (1) Valuable Content That People Would Love To Share & You’re Proud To Put Your Name On; and (2) Consistently putting out content pieces.

    4. Forums: If you want a time intensive but no cost solution to driving traffic, start finding forums in your niche and then contributing valuable content to those existing platforms. Marketing is about identifying your audience and then finding out where they hang out. Once you have these 2 things nailed, you can pretty much drive traffic to your offers without much effort.

    Say for example you have a product about Dog Training, you find forums in that niche with a decent number of members and then you go out and (1) either contribute valuable content that gets eyesballs or (2) You directly approach the owner of the forum and ask for advertising rates (3) or both.

    Forums allow you to have links in your signatures that link out to your websites and in this case you would want your links to lead to whatever offer you want to promote. The most Popular Forums in the IM/MMO Space are: WarriorForum.com and BlackHatWorld.com

    To find forums in your niche, check out the image below:

    Source: www.okdork.com

    Source: www.okdork.com


    I could give you a lot of different sources for PPC, PPV, Media Buying Networks Like SiteScout, BuySellAds etc. but I did not do it purposely because from the question I realize that you are struggling with traffic (I apologize if I’m wrong, I screw up a lot) and all these networks have a steep learning curve and you’ll have to spend a couple hundred dollars right upfront just to get inside these networks first and then to test their traffic.

    So my sincere suggestion would be choose 1 good source from the 4 I mentioned and work it till you know it inside out. Don’t spread yourself to thing, focus on 1 thing and you’ll surely get results. There is never a traffic problem, it is always a conversion problem.

    Even if you get $50/click traffic and you make $80 on every click you drive, you’re going to kill it. I know that $50 figure looks scary but the ROI makes up for it. And trust me there are keywords that get such sky high CPCs.

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